#Avocados and #Super Bowl XLVIII

#Avocados and #Super Bowl XLVIII

I’m pretty happy with the match-up for Super Bowl XLVIII. Not because I have an allegiance to either team (I don’t) or because I expect it to be a better than average game (I do.)

No, I am happy because both teams are from avocado eating parts of the country. The Super Bowl has become a big avocado consuming event, and the more avocado enthusiasts the better. I know teams like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Green Bay have their fans, and I’m sure they’d love to see their teams play. But I’m in the avocado business. Give me West Coast or Sunbelt teams, preferably in places that don’t think Mexican Food was invented during the Bush Administration. Yes, I realize that means I am OK with Dallas in the Super Bowl. That’s how serious I am about this.

Those who know may point out that most avocados this time of year are actually coming from Mexico, not California. You know what? They’re right. And I’m fine with that….these avocados are coming in anyway. I say have at them. Eat them up. Turn that flood of foreign fruit into a chunky green paste, grab some chips, and chow down.

When you’re ready for more, California will be here for you.

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