Patience (and avocados)

Lamb Hass avocados still 5 months from harvest

Avocados demand patience at every step. An avocado pit germinated in the nursery will take 18 months until it is ready to be planted in the field. Once planted, it won’t bear fruit for several years, needing 5 to 7 to become a fully mature producing tree. An avocado flower, once pollinated, will take 15 months until it is ready to be harvested as fruit. And once the mature fruit is picked, it will still need 7 to 10 days to ripen to perfection.

And after all of that, you’re going to microwave the avocado to ripen it in 15 minutes? That’s just not how avocados work, regardless of what the article in your Twitter feed says.

Have patience.

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