To Blog or to Tweet?

The other day I noticed that I hadn’t published anything on this blog in a year. It didn’t seem possible; I feel like I’ve been interacting with more people in the farm and food world than ever.

And I have…. but mostly on Twitter.

Twitter has great attributes as a communication tool. It’s much easier to connect to an audience, especially those people with a follower base who can dominate the conversation. Feedback, for better or worse, is immediate. And the comments and RTs are sometimes as useful as the original post. (Not always, of course.) Using this medium I have been able to connect to a variety of people helping to shape the conversations we are having about food and farm issues and that is a great thing.

But the format dictates very brief, and often oversimplified statements. I appreciate the thought that goes into longer form writing, and can feel my own abilities in that area atrophying from lack of exercise.

I’m getting back to it. There is a lot going on with Petty Ranch right now that I want to share. Look for more output here. And of course, I will be using Twitter to share this blog more widely.


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