2014-09-25 15.52.05

This year has seen a lot of change, and the past week has really brought that home to me. Pictured above is Drover, an Australian Cattledog who joined the family last week, and our brand new John Deere Gator, delivered this afternoon. It may seem odd to link dogs and equipment, but I know for my sons, my niece, and my nephews, a Gator ride with the dogs was always a defining ranch experience. As they get older, they may relate more to the fruit, wonder about the seasons, examine the engineering of the irrigation system, or worry about the weather. But there is something elemental to exploring with dog and machine that is captivating to young minds. These two are now ready to play their respective roles in creating memories when they aren’t guarding the barn or hauling supplies. And even though they are very much like the ones they follow, I can’t help but feel that the face of Petty Ranch has changed a great deal.

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