How was your day?

Farming is a great profession if you love making decisions with incomplete information. We’re getting ready to plant 250 additional Meyer lemon trees in a space we cleared last year. The crew will be here to start digging the holes at 7 tomorrow morning. Today, the well we share with neighbors started acting up… Water quantity down more than 50%, pressure is down more than 70%. Needless to say, water is kind of important to new trees.

If we don’t move ahead with planting we lose another year or finish planting so late that the young trees are in serious frost danger. If the well has an easily fixable problem, we definitely go ahead. But if we do plant, and our water supply is impacted for a longer period, I will have to fallow a block of older trees to water the youngsters.

Here’s the real problem. It’s not clear how long it will take to determine the well’s issue, but I’ll probably have to decide before I know.

Most likely it is a mechanical issue, solvable with time and money.

Possibly it is a hydrologic issue with that hole, forcing us to drill a new well, solvable with a great deal more time and money.

It’s possible, but pretty unlikely, that it a larger hydrologic issue that can’t be solved with a new well or any amount of time or money.

How was your day?

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