Riley Wrangles Roosters


Riley wrangles roosters.

(Rather rudely, I should say…)

He must protect his feathered charges

each and every day!


A dog must know his duty.

A dog must fill a need.

Hardworking, brave and constant,

is the Border Collie’s creed.


His fathers roamed the highlands,

herding lambs in Scottish Glens.

Riley works with poultry,

Watching cocks and chicks and hens.


Free ranging birds are healthy

eating bugs and worms and seeds.

But protection from intruders

is chief amongst their needs.


They might slip from sight unnoticed

if he doesn’t stay alert.

They might become a lunch for bobcats

while scratching in the dirt.


They don’t like his attention.

They cluck and fuss and fret.

But Riley takes no notice,

for he hasn’t lost one yet.


They go about their business

Amidst the bustle of the yard.

Safe in the assurance

That Riley’s standing guard.


Plump pullets search for morsels

beneath his watchful eyes.

He scans the sky for trouble

be they hawks or butterflies.


Because danger lurks for poultry

behind every bush or tree.

A dog can’t be too careful,

they’re in danger while they’re free!


The midday sun gets warmer,

But Riley never quits.

Though the hens are in the hen house,

several cackle while one sits.


Our faithful Riley circles

always watching, always keen.

So none of his best chickens

are lost to threats unseen.


He rarely stops for water,

And never stops to eat.

He’s worn the barnyard dusty

with trotting, pacing feet.


Each afternoon the shadows lengthen,

And the fowls return to roost.

And if they’re slow returning,

he might just give them a boost.


So with the roosters roosting,

and each hen upon her nest,

Riley’s busy day is over,

and he settles down to rest.


Sleep well dear dog, be rested.

You’ve earned your nightly sleep.

On the morrow you’ll be tested,

Once again by those who peep.

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