A Poem for Don


I lived a billion heartbeats
on the land my fathers left
The last one is behind me,
but do not be bereft.

I fed a million navel oranges
to dogs and kids the same.
I fixed a thousand sprinklers,
and tinkered with the plane.

I’ve dug many hundred holes
to bring new trees to life
Supported by my friendships,
my family, and my wife.

I’ve scraped my knuckles on the tractor,
left my bootprints in the dirt.
I’ve left the farm for now my friends,
but I don’t want you to hurt.

Remember all the laughter
now that I’m laid to rest.
I loved each single minute.
My one life, I’ve lived the best.

3 thoughts on “A Poem for Don

  1. Chris, your tribute above was heartfelt when I read it first a few weeks ago and brings comfort to me tonight. Your dad raised one hell of a great family. I hope their sprits can meet and trade some gardening tips. AJ

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