Neighborly Cooperation

Neighborly Cooperation

It doesn’t seem like people cooperate with neighbors like they used to. But I’m pleased to say that the impulse to work together is still alive in Ventura County’s farmbelt.
Our neighbors are strawberry growers. Big ones. They grow a different crop, in a much different way than we do. They serve different markets, and have operations up and down the state.
But they are still neighbors and that means something out here. This time of year, they are prepping the soil to plant the next crop of berries, while we are getting ready to harvest figs. They generate a good deal of dust, just when we don’t want it. This is where cooperation comes in handy… by extending their irrigation pipe over into our fig planting, the sprinklers rinse the dust from the fig trees (and give a little drink to our covercrop.) Our low volume microsprinklers could never do the job, but the more powerful rainbirds cleaned everything right up.
Thanks guys!

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