Using every part


In culinary circles, there is a reawakening to the concept of using “every part of the animal.” Feeding people involves the consumption of resources, regardless of whether the agriculture involved is “conventional” or “organic.” So it makes perfect sense to me that we should get all that we can out of our investment of resources. Cows are not all rib-eye and tri-tip. There is a lot more that is edible that can be put to use.

This Friday night, the Sidecar Restaurant will be hosting a dinner to celebrate this concept. Chef Tim Kilcoyne will be joined by TV chefs Adrien Nieto and Derrick Prince for a five course dinner described as “comfort food with a twist.” Look for oxtail, tripe, sweetbreads and marrow incorporated American classics like beef pot-pie. I hope people will check it out! Reservation information is here.

Next month, we will get into the act at the first of this year’s Totally Local VC dinner series. (Details here!)  Our fava beans will be paired with beef cheek from Ventura County’s Watkins Ranch. To me, this seems very fitting. Just as Chef Jason Collis is using every part of the animal, we are trying to use every part of the soil. Fava beans are not typically a cash crop for us. They are grown as part of our cover crop program. We want the space between our trees to be generating biomass, creating nitrogen, improving water infiltration, and (hopefully) yielding an edible crop.

 We only have so much soil… our challenge is to make the very best use of it that we can.

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