Is 80 too old for social media?


If it is, don’t tell our fig tree “Harry.” He’s still spry and active, producing nearly 300 pounds of fruit last season and already looking good for this year. In large part due to social media, he has made a lot of new friends recently: Sidecar Restaurant, Petite Reve Café, The Local Café, Rabalais’ Bistro, Totally Local VC and many others! Facebook has made him the official “Rockstar Fig Tree” of Ventura County. (OK, it’s not “official”… but who’s going to challenge it?)

Given Harry’s success in the social media world, we went out and got him 500 friends. We think you’ll “like” the younger generation too. This season we will have tasting sample quantities from the nine different varieties of fig that we have added.It doesn’t stop with figs. This year we have added apples, pears, apricots and persimmons.

How do figs and social media connect? Simply put, I don’t think we would have been able to make the connections to people interested in specialty fruit without social media. Without a network of tasters, buyers and eaters, experimenting with alternative crops on a significant scale would not be economically feasible. But social media has been a great tool for reaching new people, finding new fruit, and letting people know more about what we do. We would not be doing direct, local agriculture without it.

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