I don’t market avocados

I will sell you any type of fruit I grow, but I will not market avocados.

 Why not?

 I love to provide my customers with the freshest, ripest fruit possible. The citrus fruits and figs we supply are picked at the peak of their flavor and put into the hands (and mouths) of our customers as fast as humanly possible. It is a bit harder to do it that way, but that is how we deliver a great product. And that is what we market. That fresh off the tree flavor is our brand.

But what about an avocado, freshly picked, right of the tree? Hard as a rock. Absolutely inedible. When is the right time to pick it? Anywhere within a several month window. An avocado needs to sit quietly for 5 days, 7 days, or more before it is creamy ripe and delicious. So if I can’t pick it at the right moment, and getting it to the customer faster doesn’t help, what does that do to our value proposition? Our competitive advantage? Completely negated when it comes to avocados.

 Don’t get me wrong… I’m happy to sell you some avocados, and you will be very happy with them. But are they a “class apart” eating experience like our Meyer lemons or “Harry’s figs?”

 Nope… And that is why I don’t market them. I won’t brag about our fruit, unless I can back it up.

PS: We will have a few Gem and Lamb Hass late season avocados available when the only competition is Chilean fruit that has spent a month on boat…  You might see me marketing those.

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