Elitist Foodie or Cheapskate Dirt Farmer?

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having some new friends from Santa Monica out for lunch on the farm. Seemed like everyone had a good time watching the goats and chickens. It was also nice to be able to serve a lunch that was drawn in large part from our own soil. For those foodies keeping score, home grown lunch items included:

A generous squeeze of Meyer lemon for the baked salmon;

A sanguinelli blood orange vinegarette dressing;

Chunks of Cara Cara navel orange  and shaved fennel bulb in the salad;

And sliced avocado served with some Meyer lemon, which was supposed to go into the salad. I forgot to add it, so it was its own “tasting course”.

I’m not really as much of a foodie as you might think from that description, but I do enjoy making the best use of the fresh ingredients that we have available. And while some people equate minor citrus varietals with expensive food snobbery, for me they are free.

So am I an elitist foodie or a cheapskate dirt farmer?

The jury’s still out,  but I’ll cop to either…


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