Christmas Morning with the flock

I awoke this morning to the pawing and prancing of little hooves. Unfortunately, it was not Santa and his reindeer… the goats were out. With no family visiting and two teenage boys still dead asleep, I knew Christmas morning was not going to be getting off to an early start. We now get to sleep in on Christmas mornings.

But not this morning. So pulling on some jeans and a jacket, I grabbed a book and my folding camp chair and headed out. I took the goats to a quiet but weedy corner of the orchard and settled in. Watching over a flock of ruminants is a Christmas morning tradition that goes back to the very beginning. Very pleasant.

So while we lacked snow and and a roaring fire (Southern California weather today: low 70’s and sunny), we have had a wonderful morning with everybody home and healthy.

Merry Christmas to all.

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