My son, the Vulcan Foodie

13 year old son Jon noted the other day that nearly every vendor at the farmer’s market identifies themselves as “X Family Farm.” Why is that he asked? He’s obviously no stranger to the concept of family farming, especially this summer. But we don’t use that label.
I explained that in part it is because we are what is sometimes known as a “blended family.” Which family name to use? Between remarriages and several generations with only daughters, the family name attached to our operation has changed repeatedly over the 130 years. But mostly I said, it has to do with marketing. If you’re at the farmers market, would buy your produce from Farmer Bob’s Family Farm, or Foodco Farms?

“It depends”, he said. “Which one had better food? I’d probably buy from both, then next time I’d know whose was the best.”
You can’t argue with that logic.


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