Rain and other thoughts

OK, so there’s not much, but .15″ is pretty good for Saticoy in June. Not so much at Santa Paula yet…. here’s hoping.

This did cause me to juggle a few goings on at the farm. I shortened an inspection of our younger avocado trees at Saticoy. It looks like we have a decent fruit set for next year based on the trees I saw. This is some nice news in light of slumping lemon prices. I hate it when my major farm work for the week is sitting in the office, trimming the budget.

Another ton of Meyer Lemons went off to our friends at Oxnard Lemon on Wednesday. Look for them in stores soon! Of course it may not be possible to ascertain if they are ours. Buy them anyway. Better safe than sorry, you know.

Between the threat of meaningful rain and a commitment that takes me off the farm tonight, I elected to bring the goats in from their pasture early. Arriving back at the barn I discovered a turf war developing between two of our hens. One had managed to hatch a single chick last Sunday, but now wanted to hijack the other hen’s clutch of eggs that was beginning to hatch. Note to self: setting up the folding wire chicken pen in a confined space is easier without the ever curious goats on hand. If you have attempted any sort of useful activities with goats around, then you know that “on hand” is not merely an expression. For now, things have settled down.

I’ll probably spend a little time this afternoon on weedwhacker maintenance while I hope for more rain. This is probably self-defeating. Just like washing a car is sure to bring rain, leaving the field to work in the shop makes it stop.

Usually I like to wrap an essay up with some slightly philosophical and thematic observation about farm policy or farm economics. But not today.

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