A Good Night for Farmworkers

Last night I attended the fundraiser held at the Ventura Theater  to benefit HouseFarmworkers. Appearing for this purpose for the second time in Ventura, Kris Kristofferson put on a very well recieved solo acoustic show. Martic Sheen lent his face and voice to a brief documentary which aired beforehand that highlights the benefits that Farmworker’s kids have enjoyed by having clean, safe and affordable housing. With the kid’s own words and camera work, the piece wasn’t always that smooth, but was very moving and hearfelt. A nice appetizer reception was held outside that included food from many local farms and restaurants. A huge and very professional job was done by Tim Kilcoyne of the Sidecar in Ventura. Ventura Councilmember/Kristofferson Doppelganger Carl Morehouse was again instrumental in getting things going.

Ellen Brokaw. So many great things have been said about her leadership that I am not creative enough to add anything new. Ellen, please just replay everyone else’s comments in your head, and then add my thanks.

I’m not a music critic or a society columnist, so I’m not sure how to do a long piece on this and keep it interesting. But I want to  ackowledge the great job that the House Farmworkers teams does. Since 2003 their tireless outreach and advocacy has resulted, directly or indirectly, in 400+ new farmworker housing units in the County. The work is far from over, but thanks to them, the mountain is a bit lower than it once was. These days I am only a supporter of their work, not an active participant, but I was proud to be a small part of it last night.

Thank you.

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